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This site has been realized by:

Marco Quaranta: server side and client side scripting, database and layout design.
Daniele Bandi: layout design.

This site uses original codes except the following components:

Mp3 libraries: Mp3 Class
Mp3 Flash Player: Mp3 Player
Roman numerals support: romanNumerals by Kevin Waterson
Homepage slideshow: Slideshow con effetto fade e testo 1.0 by Marco Zanette

All the components used in this website are released under a free software license.

The icons used in this website are available online:

Oxygen Team: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
Crystal clear: Set 1, Set 2
Ginux by Kyo-Tux (Asher)
Social icons

All the graphic contents are licensed to the band by their authors and right owners:

Photos: Sara Reggiani, Martina Giachi, Barbara Biagi
Pictures: Chiara Donateo
Other images: Leonardo Taiuti, Andrea Vitelli